Grinding my Teeth Because of an Eery Bunny in my Dreams

I grind my teeth at night and have some really odd dreams.

The other day I dreamed about some weird dead bunny creature that was slowly grabbing at another creature that I have never seen before. It was definitely some Nightmare Before Christmas Shyt.

I woke up in a panic, I have no idea why, I guess I assumed the weirdo bunny was going to eat the other creature. Now-a-days I take the liberty of assuming everyone is on bath salts, and everyone wants to eat my face off… One cannot be too careful, am I right?

Anyhow, so I woke my Boyfriend up and told him I had a bad dream. He very sleepily (and obviously tremendously concerned for my well being) asked me what it was about. I answered,  “a evil bunny.” He laughed. Then I flipped out on him.

I mean seriously if Justin Bieber can sing “Your world is my world, and my Fight is your fight, My Breath is your breath” then why the H@#$ isn’t my fight with a eery mutant bunny my boyfriends fight? Am I missing something here?

After feeling very estranged from my boyfriends laughter I fell back asleep. The bunny was gone. All is well.




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