Obsessed with my Cat

I am OBSESSED with my cat. His name is Lilly (because for about a year I thought he was a girl). I seriously cannot begin to explain to you how much I love him. He is my itty bitty lover. I will give you some examples of my love for him:


  1. On his first ever trip to the vet I put him in a tiny cat tuxedo. Let’s just say, people were impressed by how he cleans up.
  2. He sits about and inch from my face staring at me till I wake up. It’s so lovely to be waken by him and not my alarm.
  3. We dance together.
  4. Sometimes when I wake up his little paw is in my hand.
  5. We have nick names for each other
  6. Lilly’s face swelled up due to a mouth ulcer. After months and tons of money at the vet, nothing had worked. So I bought him some potion online. I self medicated my cat with my newly bought potion. But as I fed it to him, I ate some too. I figured if he was going to die I was going to die as well. Very Romeo and Juliette of us.
  7. We run through the ward together and sit in the sun
  8. He comes when I snap my fingers
  9. He is soft and has thick fur
  10. And of course I love my cat for the reason any battered woman loves a man, because he is an asshole to everyone else but me.

The End.

Please don’t steal, take, use, copy, or grab at my posts/blogs/writings. They are mine! Mine mine mine, you hear me?