“The Cotton Ball Diet”

So before you go joining the club of of women/teenyboppers out there who think the cotton ball diet is the new way to go (consisting of soaking cotton balls in liquid and eating them to feel full) please remember there are healthy ways to feel full. In fact there are healthy ways to feel full that will actually help you loose weight, opposed to tear your insides to shreds. So as you prepare for the big revealing, please place your bag of cotton balls down or put them back in the appropriate bathroom container. Here it is: Water and Apples. Boom. Its that easy. Apples are filling, due to mainly consisting of Water & Fiber, and Water is filling…because its water. Now don’t get carried away here, I am not saying to live entirely off water and apples, I’m just saying if you have already ate the appropriate amount of calories and vitamins for the day and you have an urge, grab an apple not a shaky handful of cotton balls. 


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Squirrel Faces

This old lady and I have been watching these squirrels eat from a bird feeder for months now. They come every day and eat till they look pregnant. I used to think they were so cute (a born animal lover) but then I saw them viciously fighting over some sunflower seeds. Now every time I see them I want to shoot their little squirrel faces off. I can’t help it. They made me this way. They did this by their greed!!!!






Please don’t steal, use, take, copy, change my posts/blogs/writings. Thx