Oil Pulling- the quick breakdown

Oil Pulling


Tablespoon of coconut or sesame oil and swish in mouth for 15-20 minutes. Will mix with saliva. Spit out, do NOT swallow oil.



Supposedly, helps with oral health (cleanliness, enhances whitening, breath..etc..)

As well as headache, hangover, skin issues…etc..




Disclaimer: Consult your Doctor & Dentist before use.

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College students Strike for Free Tuition.”Tax the rich” WHAT??

I saw a newspaper article about student striking in a university hallway. They stated “public school should be free, tax the rich.”

*Public schools meaning certain universities and colleges not high schools*

Here’s what I have to say…

As students already striking, have you done your research? Some colleges can cost anywhere from $4,000 to $30,000 a year OR even per semester.

So in order to have the “rich” cover this cost with tax money, what would be considered rich? How much will they need to be taxed to cover just one student or and entire student population at a school within a year? *side note: why do you feel its their responsibility to cover your schooling? Are a lot you not going to school to in fact be this idea of “rich”? What is rich? Are we talking taxable income only? Or debt to income ratio? You cant just paint a sign that says “tax the rich to pay for public school” and yet not have a legitimate breakdown of costs, reasoning, and who is being taxed.

Now lets just hypothetically look at a county (or city) and the school administering within those boundaries. Lets say rich is considered an income over 1million dollars a year. Now you have to ask yourself (and find some sort of census) how many people in my county make over 1million dollars? What rate are you going to tax them? Let’s say the mean average of college(s) yearly cost of tuition for a full time student in $10,000 (with no aid). Now you have 2,000 students attending that year. This would be $20,000,000 that needed to be taxed and collected. OH BUT WAIT there are 2,000 students EVERY YEAR. So yearly lets continue to tax “?%” to only the rich of the county a combined amount of $20,000,000 just for one college with a mean average of $10,000 a year with 2,000 students. What about the other colleges?

Well hasn’t this become interesting? Now as a single college you think we should tax the rich $20,000,000 yearly????

Im not opposed to taxation and everyone chipping in a share. But I think attacking the people we one day hope to be is not the best option. If anything FIRST we should get “Financial Academic/University Advisors”of sort to look into expenditures within a school, and really find out where our money is going when we pay that 10,000 a year. THEN if its made public, perhaps you could have a better understanding of whats going on before you pitch a tent in a hallway. Also, I would consider pushing for some sort of “inflation law” to stop education from becoming a mostly profitable business. After all its about the education? Right? So wouldn’t as a student you rather stop the raise of education costs by stopping the greed first?


Im just conversing. Im NOT saying we shouldn’t tax. Im am simply pointing out maybe we should look at the real problem to find a real solution.

Trust me I am a student going for my masters. Yah Yah Yah I know I have horrible spelling and grammar. But hey, we are all blessed with different strengths. I just happen to be life smart note grammar smart. I am 100% the person who thinks education costs are ridiculous and in some cases we are better off not acquiring them. $60,000 of debt and still work at a casual job? Yah not my idea of a good time (personal drive also plays into that but thats a whole other conversation).

Open your minds before you ask people to open their wallets. I am saying this in a positive way. To help us grow as a education system. And think outside the box before we ourselves attack one another.


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TEAS-V test Helpful Pointers on what to study

****UPDATE: I studied for about a week and a half the info below. My first time ever taking the test I got a 72 (which is good for the TEAS-V the average score if 64.9). After it all I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend buying the ATI test package with 2 online practice tests AND the manual ($100). Its well worth it. I took the two tests, studied what I didnt know. Then spent a few days just reading and outlining the manual in the two sections I was weak in. The tests help you understand what the TEAS will be like and where you are struggling. The manual actually is a review of much of the information that could be on the test. I have to say I am so happy I bought both. If you can, BUY the package. If you can afford it I would say buy the manual at least. If you still can’t afford it study the below and visit some of the links. ALSO check your local or school library, a lot of times they have a TEAS manual. I just recommend the ATI manual because they are the ones who actually host the TEAS test (make sense?). I listed another Blog that was really helpful to me when studying. But instead of racing around for information I really (honestly) suggest ATI if you want to score well.**** I am going to take the test again this summer and shoot for a score in the 90’s. Remember this is a “standardized test” its basically a review of everything you have learned in the last two years of college. That can be scary. Take advantage of prep-materials. It could mean getting into a medical program or being denied. I know its scary thinking about being tested on two years of information (plus a lifetime of grammar/reading skills) but its really NOT as hard of a test as you would think. If you sit down and study.  I really want others to do well, I know Nursing means a lot to me, so I hope I can help. Don’t feel scrambled or overwhelmed. Buy the manual, study, and score high!!! You don’t have to be a 4.0 student to do well on this test. Keep your head up and if you fail who cares take it again! -Maybe leave time before deadlines for college apps are due so that you may re-test if you are worried about scoring low. Test costs between $35-85 depending where you go. Sign up early, centers fill fast. I drove 2hrs to get to my test center. Check with your school and testing center to make sure you sign up for the correct exam (TEAS or TEAS V). 

ATI: https://www.atitesting.com/Home.aspx



I’m still in the process of adding information to this post.

So I cannot put exact questions from the ATI material I bought OR from the TEAS-V test (I have not taken it yet) because uploading those are illegal. So what I CAN do is give you some helpful direction that I found from researching online how to prepare for the test…and so on…This is just what I used to study. I repeat, this NOT directly from the TEAS-V test or the ATI study guide. I have not even taken the test yet. I have only take prep-tests.

I will try and give some examples and links to other helpful websites/blogs/learning sites.

Let me start by saying DON’T PANIC. Learn the basics of each subject. So far from my research everyone suggests that. Plus, remember the average score on the TEAS-V is only about a 70. So no worries, you got this!

A little side note: Surprisingly my best subjects are math, english, & reading. Although I have HORRIBLE grammar and spelling myself, for some reason I can pick correct form out when I see it visually in front of me. NO idea why I can’t carry that into my writables (I made that word up. Yes that shit just happened).

TEAS-V consists of: Reading, Math, Science, English


  1. Remember what they taught you in school; read the question FIRST then read the passage. This will help you tremendously.
  2. When they ask you to read a passage then “logically conclude” what that passage said, please remember to not make assumptions about the text. Just because a text says “Julie liked the roses in spring” does not mean that Julie only likes spring because flowers are blooming…and so on… Try to keep to the facts!
  3. Be able to determine the difference between opinion and facts.
  4. Determine what a story/passage is trying to portray to you, and what type of writing style it is using (persuasive, informational…etc).



  1. Conversions are a must between the following: Percents, Decimals, Fractions.
  2. Fractions: Add, subtract, multiply, divide. Remember your rules (Ex: Adding fractions: Must have the same common Denominator).
  3. Sales Tax…
  4. Percent Change… Formulas
  5. Sales Discounts
  6. I HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE WEBSITE: ixl.com  It allows you to test out about 30 problems before it asks you to pay for the site. Or just re-open the window…just a helpful hint.

SCIENCE: Consists of Biology, Chemistry, and Anatomy & Physiology type questions.

  1. Chemistry: Know Bonds (Ionic, Covelant) Know Polarity of Bonds (Polar covalent bond, non-polar covalent bond) Know the difference between Cation and Anion. How non-metal and metals chemically react in a typical situation. Know what electronegativity is and how it pertains to Atoms. Know basic information about Atoms.
  2. Biology:
  3. A&P: Know organs and basic functions, Body systems (cardiovascular system, immune system….) RBC, WBC…Glands…
  4. For Organs flash cards try QUIZLETS.com they have a tone!!!



  1. The obvious: Grammar. Do some practice to determine if a sentence sounds grammatically correct or not. Sorry I dont have any websites that will help.


Here are some very very helpful websites:

This guy has some AMAZING SUGGESTIONS: http://allnurses.com/teas-exam-help/how-i-passed-804222.html Its well worth a look!


All math: http://www.ixl.com/math/algebra-1


Chemical Bonds: http://dwb4.unl.edu/Chem/CHEM869D/CHEM869DMats/BondTypes.html

Bonds: https://www.boundless.com/chemistry/nonmetallic-elements/properties-of-nonmetals/types-of-bonds/


Systems: http://www.factmonster.com/ipka/A0774536.html

Systems (picture info) http://www.innerbody.com/

Picture shown borrowed from website http://www.teastest.org/study-manual-for-the-teas-version-v-review/


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